Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Otis Gets a Day: Pug Finds

Since I talked about orange tabbies yesterday, I thought I should share some fun pug finds today :)  If you don't know why, this is in reference to the movie Milo and Otis.

Pug Pouch
Pug Love Mixed Media Piece
Pug Love Cards
Pug Pillow
Pug Brooch


  1. Aww Otis is SO cute and I love that movie. Those are great gift ideas for any pug owner!

    My grandma's 91st birthday just passed and she has a "Shoodle" so I bought her a birthday card with a similar looking dog on it (it was an image of the dog eating a small cake). She loved it! These items remind me of that so I know any pug owner would love them. ;)

  2. pugs are so adorable, any way you look at 'em! {:-D

  3. Cute finds! Do we get to see a picture of your Otis?

  4. Sadly, I don't have my own Otis right now, only a Milo. I hope to someday adopt an otis though.


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