Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ICC#39- It's In The Bag

Our Iron Craft Challenge this week was to create some sort of bag or case.  I wanted to stencil something on a tote bag and decided to use one that I already owned.  I have a flowery tote bag that I bought while I was studying overseas in Cambridge.

I used freezer paper stenciling and "put a bird on it."  Yes, I have become cliche, just like in Portlandia.


  1. I like how the stencil makes a floral bag just a little more hip

  2. What a great combination. You did an awesome job on it.

  3. That bag is fantastic! I love the pattern and the bird makes it! Great choice, it looks lovely :]

    xo Shannon

  4. oh, man, before i'd had the chance to scroll down below the first picture, that was my thought! put a bird on it. hah! it's a happy bag. i like it.


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