Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Featured Artist: Lori Anderson

I can't even start talking about the jewelry that Lori Anderson makes until I show you her website.  It's awesome.

Don't you love the colors and design?  I'm really impressed by the overall package presented by Lori in her design work.  I was lucky enough to win a bead giveaway from her blog, Pretty Things, and even the packaging of these beads was beautiful and matching.  Ok.  Now that we have covered that, let's focus more on her pretty, pretty jewelry.

Symphony Necklace

All the beads above were made by Lori herself.  They were all flame-enameled.  Lori says that part of her bead training came through her biology education and the many chemistry labs associated with it.  I suppose working carefully over a Bunsen burner for an experiment does have some similarities :)

Fan Mail Earrings

These earrings are also pretty awesome.  Really, you need to check out this shop and this blog.  I've been inspired reading Lori's blog over the past few months.  Did you know she spent four years in the air force in Korea?  Wow!  I think I enjoy reading about her life so much because I can identify.  I studied biology and planned on teaching but several twists and turns and crazy jobs later, I'm now starting my own craft business.


  1. Wow--she made those? Thats incredible!

  2. Beautiful work and how cool that she makes her own beads too!

  3. So gorgeous! I have fallen in love with those earings at the end. The colors are BEAUTIFUL.


  4. Thank you SO much for featuring me!


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