Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anniversary Gift

Well as of tomorrow, my hubby and I will have been married for one year!!  Since we are out of town this weekend and I gave him his gift yesterday, I think it's safe to show it off here.

I had seen these photo canvases on display at Ben Franklin Crafts and I thought I would try it.  I took a picture from every month of our marriage and glued it onto a canvas.

At the bottom, I added the phrase "Night and Day, You are the One" because our first dance was to Night and Day.

I'm not sure I "love" the effect, but I think it still captures the message I wanted.


  1. That's great! I love doing photo collages. I made a little one for Jake for our one or two year dating anniversary (I don't remember now). I hope that you have a great anniversary weekend and many more happy years of marriage. (Love the song choice, too.)

  2. awwww so cute :) happy anniversary!


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