Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skirt Project

Do you remember that I had my friend Mallori in town last week?  Well, she is so cool that she brought me some beautiful fabric all the way from New Zealand.  It is pretty green (my favorite color) with turtles on it (one of my favorite animals). 

She also brought some for herself and we set to work making skirts for ourselves using this tutorial.  We didn't get a chance to make the skirts until the very last night she was here so it was an intense evening of sewing.

Here's the final product.  I'm pretty proud; my sewing skills have not always been the best (aka-I lack the precision required for most projects- "oh yeah, that's about 2").  Luckily this tutorial was really easy to follow and worked well for a first skirt project. 

Sadly, Mallori had to leave the next morning super early so we didn't get a chance to wear our skirts out together.  Hopefully she will send me a picture of herself wearing it so I can post both of us together (hint hint Mallori).


  1. It's beautiful! The fabric is great. The green is so vibrant.

  2. The fabric is wonderful !! I also have zero sewing skills and great dreams so you did make me giggle :-)

  3. Jenny, the fabric is really beautiful and that skirt is awesome. Especially knowing where the fabric came from, who gave it to you, that you made skirts for the first time together, and that green is you favorite color and you love turtles too! Perfect gift.

    BTW, what is a stick blender?


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