Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Style Your Necklace

So, you've been thinking you would like to buy one of my necklaces.  Awesome.  I support that decision :)  Here are some fun finds to create a complete outfit.

Let's start with a necklace.  How about one of my new parrot pieces like this fun multi-strand necklace.

Parrot Necklace on etsy

Well, you can't wear just the necklace, so how about a dress.  This is a pretty find.  I love the ruffles and the blue color which will contrast nicely with the coral braid.

Dress on Etsy

Next, shoes.  Go bold with these fancy painted shoes. Go check out this shop.  Gorgeous work.

Peacock Phoenix Shoes on etsy

Anything else?  Yes.  Complete the outfit with this sweet little clutch.  Perfect.

Clutch on etsy

Now, who wants to buy me all these things so I can wear the outfit out??


  1. I love love the necklace!!! Ahh isn't Etsy the best :)

    XO Lindsay

  2. the necklace is gorgeous- great colours!!

    Come follow my blog :)

  3. i love the nautical feel of the necklace... that would be a fab outfit!



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