Thursday, July 14, 2011

Card Case Makeover

A while ago, I saw this clutch makeover and have been itching to try it myself.  But I had to bide my time until I found the right clutch.  I've scoured thrift stores for weeks.  Finally, I found this little gem. 

It's not really a purse (I think it may have actually been a manicure kit) but I thought it would be perfect for holding business cards.  I had made a case previously, but still wasn't quite happy with it.  It tended to get a bit bent up in my purse so I thought this sturdy little case would do the trick.

I used mod podge to adhere fabric to the inside and out.  Once this was done, I painted a little birdy on the outside with acrylic paint.  A few sharpie details and another coat of mod podge and I was done!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  Hopefully this case can handle the chaos that is my purse.


  1. Jenny, you made that sound so simple! It turned out great! What an excellent idea!

  2. I think it suit plastic business cards perfectly..thanks for sharing it.


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