Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Seattle

If you are paying attention, you may have discovered that I live in Seattle.  Technically, I live on the east side in Redmond, but it's more easily recognized to say I live in Seattle.  I did not grow up here, but moved here a little over a year ago for my husband's job.  Seattle has quickly become my home and I would like to share some fun "Seattle Things" with you today.

First, there is this pretty locket I found on etsy.  I love lockets in general and I'm particularly drawn to this one because of the map on it.  If my hubby and I were still long distance, I would put our pictures in it and be the sappy romantic that I like to be.

Seattle Locket on etsy
Next, I have to mention the mountains.  Growing up in the midwest, we did not have mountains.  I still gape open-mouthed whenever I see Mt. Rainier towering in the sky.  Oddly, I don't have a picture of it, but here is a nice picture from a hike we took.

Beautiful scenery-my own photo
Of course, I have to talk about the space needle.  This was worth going up once, but I recommend doing it on a clear day.  The space needle is located in a whole complex called The Seattle Center where there are lots of cool museums.  I recommend the Pacific Science Center (where I volunteered for awhile) and the Experience Music Project (which has an awesome building). 

One of our engagement photos-taken by Redbox Pictures.
Now, if you are looking for something quirky to see, I have two recommendations.  First, there is the gum wall in Pike Place Market.  The market itself is great, but make a slight detour to see the wall.  It's worth it once.  It's just a large wall that is covered with used gum.  Pretty gross, but I have added a piece.

Close-up of the gum wall.  My own photo.
Second, there is the Fremont troll.  This is actually pretty cool.  It's a large troll sculpture with an actual VW Bug included.  Neat, huh?

Fremont Troll-my own photo
Now, don't you just want to visit Seattle?  Has the city captivated your heart yet? (sorry, that was cheesy)

Seattle Art Print on etsy


  1. I am both amazed and disgusted by the gum wall... you know how much bacteria and virus is probably also hanging out there? A lot. Ew. But I'm regretting that we didn't see it when we were there. Guess we'll have to come back. ;) (someday! someday when I don't have prelim deadlines I'll be back to visit you!)

  2. I've always wanted to visit Seattle--now I have some more things to add to my itinerary :)


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