Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ICC#21- Getting My Ducks in a Row

This week's Iron Craft Challenge was to make something based on your family heritage.  My family is quite the mix with Scottish, Irish, English, German, and Czechoslovakian (my maiden name is Morrison).  My mind was first drawn to the obvious plaid.  Here is an example, which is actually the Morrison Green Modern Tartan.

But then I thought it might be fun to throw in a twist and add in my new "family heritage."  My husband is Korean and my last name is now Chang, so why can't I be Scottish-Korean? (remember the Starburst Commercial)  For this, my mind went to ducks.  Why ducks you say?  Well, ducks are traditionally given to couples getting married; one represents the bride (red) and one represents the groom (blue).  We received our own ducks as wedding gifts and have a few sitting in our bedroom.  In reading up for this blog post, I learned that if the couple is getting along, their ducks should be nose to nose and if the couple is fighting, the ducks should be tail to tail.  Yikes, I better get ours nose to nose!

So what happens when you combine plaid with ducks?  Why, a plaid duck necklace of course!  I made them nose to nose because our marriage is happy and the ducks are in love :)

Want to see more Iron Craft fun?  Check out photos at the flickr group.  Want to join in the fun?  Jump on in an join us!  Visit the Iron Craft blog here.


  1. Ok, the nose to nose thing is so sweet!

  2. plaid ducks! Of course. Nose to nose. I like that. We need some ducks in our house now.


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