Friday, April 29, 2011

Ring Display Makeover

Continuing my discussion of craft shows, I wanted to share a little ring holder makeover that I've been working on this week.  Come follow along!

My project started with this black velvet ring holder that I purchased at Michaels.  I got it on sale for $1.75 because the frame was broken.

Ring Holder

Notice the broken frame.  Gotta love the "As Is" section
I could have just repaired the frame, but I wanted a white ring holder to match my display.  I thought just painting the frame may have looked messy, so I found a wooden tray at a thrift store to serve as my new frame.

Wooden tray, partially through the painting process.
I painted the tray white and then moved on to the ring display.  I started by removing the frame completely.  Next, I cut a thrifted white pillowcase down the sides and removed the hemmed edges.  I glued the end of the pillowcase to one end of the holder and used binder clips to hold it in place.

Binder Clips, the solution to all problems.
Next, I slowly moved down the holder and worked the fabric into the openings on the holder.  Once I got to the other end, I glued this down as well.

Pushing in the fabric, slowly and surely.
Covered completely.
I don't have pictures of all the next steps, but I'll try to describe it well.  I made sure the fabric was glued securely around the holder, then glued this to the bottom of the tray.  It didn't fit exactly, so I used the leftover frame to fill in the spaces.  I used the pillowcase leftovers to cover the original black frame and then glued them in (this required a lot of fiddling to get the fabric to fit just right.  I can go into more detail, so let me know if you have questions!) 

That's it!  I'm really pleased with the results.  Here is the finished product with some rings in it.

Now the rings really pop!

and they stay in place!


  1. What a change! I like the white better too - it does make the rings pop. Good luck at the show!


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