Sunday, April 10, 2011

Game Shelf Curtain: Before and After

We have a shelf in our apartment that holds almost all of our board games (the collection has just started overflowing to the sides).  While this game abundance is fun for parties, it looked a little busy.  See?

My idea was to make a little curtain.  I had a beautiful scarf from a thrift store that I hadn't found a purpose for yet, and lo-and-behold, it ended up being the exact right size!  Yee-haw! (I don't think I have ever said yee-haw in real life).  All I had to do was fold down one side and sew across to form a hem.  Of course, I had a little help from my trusty orange kitty.

Then, I found a short tension curtain rod and slipped it in.  It fit right across the top of the shelf.  Voila!

It is a little too long and touches the floor, so I may hem up the bottom a bit.  I haven't decided yet.  In hindsight, I probably could have just folded down a bit more on the top.  Oh well, live and learn :)


  1. that's a great idea and a very pretty scarf! I seriously love your cat :)

  2. So cute! My sister and I made some curtains the same way for my mom a few years ago to cover the bottom shelves of some bookcases she stores things on in her kitchen. It's such a simple fix for covering cluttered shelves. :)

  3. Great idea - lovely scarf and I love your very intent cat!

  4. I love that it looks like you're explaining the process to Milo. :)

    By the way, Megan S was here this weekend and we reminisced about our lovely trip out to see you last summer. We can't wait to visit again sometime! :)

  5. Great idea! I love how cats just sit there and stare at you when you're trying to do something.


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