Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Mail Day Ever

Yesterday, I was excited to receive not one, but TWO, packages in the mail.  Let's celebrate with a photo tour:

Milo is mainly excited about the boxes.  Kitties love boxes.
 First, I got a special quilting/sewing grab bag that I won on a blog giveaway.  Yay!!!!!  Remember the macrame plant holder that I made several weeks back for the Iron Craft Challenge?  Well, I got the pattern from This Year's Dozen blog and also entered a giveaway while I was there.  And I won all of this good stuff!
 I'm particularly excited about this purse pattern and the pin cushion.  I really have been wanting a pin cushion!
Next, I got a great package from my mom (you can check out her blog here).  She sent me her old bread machine.  She never used it and I had really been wanting one.  I can't wait to cook bread!!  She also included some beads that they found while cleaning out their house.  Good stuff.
Renegade beads.

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  1. Wow!! You DID hit the jackpot!!

    I am so glad you like what I sent you. I had fun putting your box together. Hope you can use it. Those purse patterns are so cute. I bet they will make up pretty.

    Love that breadmaker. You have a nice mom!! :D


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